Peek!! Do you love the blue texture in the Pantry? I wanted to add some color to this little space and add texture at the same time. This client wasn’t really into wallpaper so it was a leap of trust! With water views we wanted a nod to the coastal feel so I went down a path for shibori inspired wallpaper.

Sometimes shibori can be really busy and sometimes more subtle. This paper turned out to be a riff on that idea as much of what I was finding. Though I LOVED, it could have been too punchy for the project especially when you think about those Pantry shelves actually filled with food for real life!

Some of my favorites I was considering are below. #2 OF COURSE I felt an immediate ‘I want’ … but the space wasn’t calling for a turquoise moment. Filing that one away for later use, perhaps at my house!

1. Amber Interiors Shibori Wallpaper  2. Indigo Wallpaper  3. Shibori Peel and Stick Wallpaper  4. Shibori Indigo Wallpaper   5. Deidre Shibori Wallpaper   6. City Scape Wallpaper

Because so many people have messaged about these darn stools I wanted to share these counter stools. Iron base for a little rustic feel as well as the wood that is a bit hand carved looking. Toss in swiveling action and they were perfect for this project and you might spy them in another project of mine as well!

Henson Counter Stool by Arteriors