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Kristina Crestin Design is a full-service, residential Interior Design Firm specializing in everything from Interior Decorating to Interior Architectural Design. Our projects range in style and aesthetics, based on our clients’ needs and preferences. However, our true passion lies in designing Farmhouses, Modern Farmhouses and Coastal Cottages. We love finding just the right light fixture, detailing millwork and hunting down just the right touch of salvage. We understand your project is an investment. That is why our goal is to bring our knowledge, the fresh Kristina Crestin design look, and, most importantly, design a home that feels unique to you and your family.

We’re adept at collaborating with architects and builders and enjoy the team process, whether the project is a small renovation or whole home new construction. Our interior design and decorating clients come from the Greater Boston area, all over New England and, of course, wherever else our clients take us!


You are so good at your job–you took the look and feel of what I was going for and completely nailed it, making it even better than I could have imagined. I am in love with this room and since we are in here as a family the most, it means even more. Thank you so much!

We have worked with Kristina on numerous projects. Her creativity and energy always bring the most to projects. She never repeats herself and delivers a look and feel to customers that surpasses expectations. Kristina has an incredible attention to detail and is totally professional. If you are doing something that you expect to turn out special, Kristina should be your first call.

You put every ounce of your passion and energy into even the most minute details — and THIS is what sets you apart from everyone else. Thank you for all the passion and love you have put into our latest (and greatest) project so far. Your touches are everywhere we look—so for us, you have become like part of our family. We are beyond thrilled for you and all that you have accomplished and feel truly blessed to be living in an original “Kristina Crestin”.


Whose the cutest ever? Well my girl of course, but I am partial! She does make a killer mess though. This is where pattern hides allot. Our previous grey rug showed everything but was super durable. So we’re giving this a try, and indoor/outdoor that looks like a vintage rug. So many are horrible in person but look great on the internet. So far we’ve taken a beating with slush and mud. So far so good! ⁠

Rug: @jaipurliving Harman Hold Lester Collection / #HHB02 Tamara ⁠
Photography: @eliseinc⁠

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Just how much turquoise and aqua is too much? That must be a trick question - NEVER enough! Ha! ⁠

Joking aside I’ve been planning to paint our Entry area white and trying out new rug options. Little Miss Cooper certainly makes a mess. Our walkway is stone and moss, which equals mud allot of the year. I wish our entry had a stone floor but alas it doesn’t. Indoor outdoor rugs are just SO bad most of the time, or they look like plastic. Swipe right, the texture on this guy is good SO much better than the extruded plastic one we had there before that was ‘supposed’ to look like seagrass. Oh and Cooper is damn cute. Maybe she has a future as a model in the rug industry? Anyone? ⁠

Link for the rug in my bio. ⁠

Rug: @jaipurliving Harman Hold Lester Collection / #HHB02 Tamara ⁠ ⁠
Photography: @eliseinc⁠

Front door: Custom @simpsondoorco from Moynihan Lumber ⁠
Door color: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal #HC-166⁠
Wall color: Behr Windwood Spring #510C-2⁠
Lockers: Vintage found at a flea market ⁠

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