What else for a girl to do during a snow storm? Design bathrooms of course! I think we’ve worked on over 30 bathrooms this year and I always find them some of the most fascinating rooms to design. So many options, so much potential. I am working on a boys shared bath now that is going a mix of classic and industrial. I especially love Schoolhouse Electric‘s Rensselaer sconce – made out of parts like bunsen burners – think 8th grade chem lab! Put some grey striped shades on that and hello fun! Stay tuned to see how decisions evolve ….

Kristina Crestin Design_Blog Post _Boys shared bath


Photo credits & sourcing from top: Top right: Indigo threads Another Africa , 1930’s Lab Stainless Double Vanity from Restoration Hardware, Schoolhouse Electric‘s Rensselaer double sconce (photo from another current job of mine!), Schoolhouse Electric’s #HP-2274-04-2.25SH shade with Shadow Grey hand painted stripes, herringbone floor image via Brian Gluckstein’s Tumbler, blue vintage lockers from Unearthed on 1stdibs. Finally the last image is my quickie sketch studying the scale of the vanity on the wall.