Finally! It’s Christmas again! My painting for my office finally arrived in a giant wooden crate.

Months and months ago when we were planning the office renovation I intentionally chose light warm grays for the general palette of the office. I didn’t want to inflict my turquoise obsession on everyone. So I planned to have some massive bold painting for my office so each day I walked into my own space I could smile at an explosion of turquoise and chartreuse. I worked with artist Christina Baker of whom I had done many successful commissions in the past – long distance too!

We started with images of other paintings of hers that I liked and a size. Then I gathered a pile of swatches of the colors that I was shooting for – and then off that stack went to her to start working on the piece. With conversations at multiple points in the progress and some images like below showing how the colors are coming out it was a daunting but exciting process.

Kristina Crestin Design_painting C

She sent me the above photo when it was done before getting it crated. Then off it went to us! It showed up of course when I happened to be out of town. My downstairs neighbor thankfully housed my massive wooden crate in a dressing room overnight until we could get to it to break it apart Рit was too heavy to get up the stairs without dismantling the crate.  Once that was done there was still more suspense Рtons of protective wrapping!

Kristina Crestin Design_painting B

Happy day! I LOVE it. It’s so happy and has so much energy. Sarah my art hanger extraordinare was here to bust open the crate and hang the piece – stay tuned for photos of it installed!

Kristina Crestin Design_new painting A

For more information on the artist check out her web site and links to her on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Christina Baker. Art hanger: Sarah Johnson

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