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Anyone else feel like they are always looking for farmhouse-ish chairs (yes … that is a word …. I am going with it ) We have been digging into this research quite a bit, which is helpful if there is an economy of time to spread over multiple projects! I always wonder how they sit. This farmhouse project we were looking for a farmhouse type chair but not too traditional. The client actually ordered one so we could do a ‘tush test’ and see the blue color in person!

We loved the blue so it was a slam dunk. This kitchen below from one of my HGTV Farmhouse Fixer projects was a total kismet. I had been scouring for chairs like this at a good deal and one night at Target I see these, on sale! The bench was just so darn cute. Watching me try and get the bench in the back of my Mini Cooper? Not so cute. Thank goodness Mom was there with her own car too and we could get them home!

Since we’ve been searching for what feels like months here are some of my favorites below, most of them at a great price! There are a few in there that I was IN LOVE with that were outside the project budget, darn it! Isn’t that always the way?

This one is one of my top favorites – that lush green color is SO GOOD!! Check out the detail where you see the joinery in the right image. I’ll keep dreaming about using this chair …….

Colt Low-Back Armchair  from the fabulous O&G Studios.