Hi hi friends! Sorry I have been missing in the blogging world, we’ve had the busiest month I’ve had since I’ve been in business … and the traveling of course doesn’t help things! Lots and lots has been going on ….  but lets start with a couple of my favorite take-a-way’s from High Point Furniture Market! My first favorite ‘find’ was also my first post-trip purchase – and for ME!  We found this vendor that does animal heads made out of laser cut cardboard. How fun!  I really wanted about one of everything, then remembered I have an entire wall of animal heads in my powder room (to check out those photos click here!), so clearly I didn’t need any more. B-U-T  …. then I realized the office didn’t have any yet – yes! Solution!

Kristina Crestin Design_Cardboard deer

We have this giant stair hall as far as height – ta-da, found a home for an animal head. We ordered the biggest deer they had when we got home, it literally is 70″ tall or so and will just fit the width of the stairs. So excited. We’re getting it assembled (and by we I mean Courtney my fabulous intern). Next up I’ll be painting it turquoise of course ….

Kristina Crestin Design_Cardboard deer assembly

Animals are from Cardboard Safari

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