So we all know (or maybe you don’t yet!) of my lighting obsession. I feel like I went a little nuts for a while combing sites for interesting lighting for this project. The house was an old dairy farm, and though I try to avoid trite farmhouse decor the idea of bringing in a little vintage and industrial as a nod to the history resonated with me.

In the Laundry Room why go with recessed lighting when we could bring some character into the space with lighting? We already had black elements – steel brackets for all the shelves and the floor was a black slate so I was up for repeating the black in the lighting.

I have NO idea what this was at one point in it’s history. I loved the industrial feel, the height was perfect  (try finding squatty lighting!) and the scale was good. Bingo! Once we added the large globe bulbs too it makes a pretty cool element.

I remember when I found this light. I had one of those ‘is this cool or stupid’ moments!  I really had to think about it. Choosing to pair with it retro porcelain wall sconces that are period authentic was a good starting point. Not too many things for the eye to settle on or too many things competing. I also liked the touches of black so I went for it. It was one of those close you eyes and hit purchase moments. Turns out when it came in I loved it. Almost everyone comments on it, which is fun.  What’s your thoughts?


Sconces: Rejuvenation

Ceiling Lights: ETSY – Out of the Woodwork Design

Washer: LG

Dryer: LG

Laundry Carts: Steele

Metal Bins: World Market

Art: Carolyn Letvin

Sink + Faucet: Designer Bath + Sign of the Crab