This neon sign makes me so happy.  The day I saw it I knew I had to have it. It just brought joy, imagine that. Turns out it’s not for sale. The owners son got it for her and she had it hanging at the shop. BUT after some good natured pestering she relented to a loan! Yaaaaaa!!!

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Now transporting that, that was another issue. We had to make sure we had insurance to cover any damages and we had to figure out how to transport it. We already had movers on board but this this is pretty fragile. What do we do? Put Kirby to work again. Kirby = my husband. He whipped up a casket like box for it with a removable top, got some foam packing materials and then went to the shop and packed it up. Teamwork!

One other fun detail that I snuck in is this little black and white photo on the bedside table. It’s actually my Papa and his prize winning cow!  It was my hidden personal touch!