I’ve always wanted to use a old drainboard cast iron sink in a Laundry Room or Bathroom. I guess I finally got my wish!!! Sort of. We ended up opting for new here vs reclaimed from a price, practicality and timeline point of view.  This bathroom was a newly carved out space part of an overall ‘connector’ structure on this property. The whole plan of the connecter I was able to rework to allow for a proper Mudroom entry and then this new full Bathroom right off of it.  It left a nice amount of space for a vanity. But I couldn’t design just a plain vanity, right?

I envisioned this old cart type base for the sink to sit on. Again, easier said than done. In my early studies when I was putting a pricing package together for this this cart I did this sketch below. Sometimes your first intent in design is always the best one! Again our thoughts of salvage was kicked to the curb and we went with new-ish. This cast iron sink is a beast, it is so heavy so Jon and I decided new was safer. This is where we bring Jay in.

Just for illustration purposes – the sink comes in it’s own wood crate. This is the moment when everyone is standing around seeing how many people it’s going to take to carry it into the house!

Jay from North of Boston Studio’s worked with us on a bunch of Farmhouse Fixer projects and this one was a perfect fit for him. Luckily there was tons of material in the back yard as one of the barns had to come down. SO much stock to pick through. Or what feels like so much stock until I start to get picky in board selections. Jay gathered up all sorts of pieces to bring back to his shop and work his fabrication magic!

Here you can see how the sink sits on top, though it’s actually attached to the wall as well by cleats to take some of the weight.

The finishing touch ? Old casters I found on Etsy. I searched long and hard to find something the right scale and on the darker end. Not that this piece actually moves, but the cart idea is fun!


Sheep Art: Carolyn Letvin

Sink + Faucet: Designer Bath + Sign of the Crab

Sink Base: Fabricated by Jay Rodricks @North of Boston Studios

Sconces: Rejuvenation

Tile Floor: Slate Midnight Blue from the TileSource

Tile Walls: White Ceramic from the Tile Source

Hanging Ferns and Metal Storage Bin: World Market